Our team has the perfect balance of marketing minds. Those with years of experience, to maximise your marketing budget, and those with youthful exuberance, for eye-catching and dynamic campaigns – and they are all at your service.

We’ve been around since 1988 and some of our clients today have been with us from those very early days. It shows that we work hard for them and that what we do works for their businesses.

We believe it’s because we think commercially. Marketing should grow your business and sell your services and your products, and that’s something we never lose sight of. We love a creative challenge but are pragmatic in our approach and will make sure you benefit from work that is fit for purpose and for budget.

If you have a marketing department, we work as an extension to it. If you don’t, we’re here instead of it. We’re flexible, friendly and we have a genuine interest in our clients’ businesses that shows in our results.

Efrem Cockett

Managing Director

Raised by French Bulldogs in Castel, Efrem’s unconventional upbringing instilled in him the adventurous spirit that led him to climb Everest barefoot, found Hamilton Brooke and become a test pilot of supersonic aircraft. He runs the whole bloody business, is the most creative thinker for centuries and best designer in the world ever. He has a brain the size of a gas giant, and we are all lucky, indeed, blessed, to be working for him. He also doesn’t take team profiles on websites very seriously.

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June Ozanne

Director, Client Services

A client once said of June, “She knows more about our business than most of the people who work here” which is one of the reasons she heads up our account management team. She also has extensive knowledge of print, production and offline media and can even deal with the dark art of digital. Her ambitions are to teach designers not to reverse small type out of 4 colour, cold-set web and to be a zombie on the Walking Dead, so she’s dyed her hair grey in preparation.

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Chris Le Poidevin

Creative Director

Designer and typographer with over 30 years experience, Chris is a local creative industry ‘heavyweight’ behind some of the Channel Islands’ most memorable, enduring and successful campaigns. A great thinker, accomplished art director and copywriter. Chris is also very fond of pork pies, and is often quoted in ‘British Pork Pie and Sausage Roll’ monthly. His favourite board game is Monopoly.

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Steph Brun

Senior Designer

Steph was born. He then continued to grow into the man - nay, The Designer - he is now. It hasn’t all been plain sailing of course - there have been ups and downs for sure - but ultimately those times have always been the fault of other people. (apart from one time at Band Camp, but he doesn’t like to talk about that) He likes movies, writing, playing guitar and long walks with his dog; far from the trappings of the modern world, where he can meditate, focus and work on artistic endeavours. He also hates cameras.

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Ollie McVey

Head of Digital

Ollie specialises in web design and coding. Heading up the digital team, he is the go-to guy for all web-related projects. Outside of the office, Ollie also known as 'The Viking' can be found making a variety of wub wub sounds as the electronics player in his band BLAKALASKA, or running around the KG5 pitch playing football and touch rugby.

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Sam Claxton

Senior Account Manager

Sam has the OCD of an Account Manager but a degree in graphic design, so likes being the link between clients and creatives.

When he’s not in the office, Sam can be found chasing a ball around a field, playing the violin in the background of a wedding, or trying to brew IPAs in his bath tub. He likes stroking cats and dislikes grown men reading Harry Potter.

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Elliott Cockett

Video, Photography, Social Media & SEO

Elliott is bi-lingual, being fluent in both English and digital, and occasionally when his hreflang setting gets stuck it’s all SEO, SERPs, Schema, Analytics and Meta tags and we have to reboot him to understand what he’s talking about. But just because he’s all about digital doesn’t mean he sits in a dark corner all day, he’s just as often out and about filming and producing fantastic videos for our clients, then making the most of them across social media channels. So not a geek at all….though he is a massive Star Wars fan.

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Gina Cook

Financial Controller

Gina recently joined Hamilton Brooke as Financial Controller, after spending 13 years at Guernsey Gas and almost two years contracting at Cannon Asset Management. She has two step daughters and three step grandchildren, the youngest being three, who she loves joining on the slides at Oaty & Joey's!

In her spare time, Gina goes to the gym, walks, enjoys listening to live music, socialising and travelling to places far and wide (when we can!).

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Errol Fynn (Deceased)

Chief of Security

Errol joined the company in 2016 as part of our initiative to scale up security in the office.
In the years since he joined we have seen a large reduction in thefts relating to ideas, as every person entering or leaving the building is now subject to a rigourous 'stare'.
Errol had a keen interest in martial arts, crossword puzzles and was a keen traveller who could often be seen on the other side of the bowl.
Sadly, Errol Passed Away in March 2021.

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