Agile marketing

If your business can be agile, you need an agency that can keep pace.

In these unprecedented times, governments are continually reviewing and updating trading regulations to help keep the public safe and businesses have to be able to work fast and adapt to new circumstances.

As an independent retailer, Powerhouse has been able to react swiftly to developments and decide how they could best serve customers, trade efficiently and keep their staff safe. Decisions were made quickly and Hamilton Brooke was tasked with helping communicate new working practices and delivery options, rapidly but effectively.

Engaging animations, coupled with social media and web banners got the message across and, when that had to change, everything was updated and resupplied within a matter of hours or even sometimes minutes!

At Hamilton Brooke we’ve always prided ourselves on being proactive but there are times when the ability to be reactive can get you ahead of your competitors. If you need a marketing boost, don’t stand still, get in touch and we’ll come back to you – very quickly.