Annual Reports – Necessary evil or marketing opportunity?

For many businesses the next reporting period is going to be a difficult one as COVID-19 will be looming large on the horizon. Even if the next annuals are scheduled before any negative impact on revenue and profit has come into play, consideration will need to be given to what the subsequent period will look like.

Of course, shareholders and investors will look to the bottom line, but they will also be looking for information on how the business has and is responding, how they have treated employees and for reassurance on long-term resilience. Now, more than ever it is important to communicate this clearly and succinctly, managing expectations whilst setting out plans for the future.

Hamilton Brooke has over 30 years expertise in producing Annual and Interim Report and Accounts, from technical reporting for individual funds – including PCCs and LLCs – in Guernsey, Europe, South Africa and the US, to full ‘bells and whistles’ reports for listed companies. With our help you can present an Annual Report that will get the balance right between accurate reporting and positive, confidence-inspiring narrative.

From copywriting and design to financial typesetting, we offer a full production service, often acting as a ‘hub’ for analysts, accountants and auditors, which can be particularly helpful if personnel are working remotely or across different time zones. Our team is diligent, dedicated and regardless of how tight the turnaround, we have never missed a filing deadline.