Celebrating 25 years at the top

The Channel Islands’ most successful and beloved fixed-price food festival celebrated its 25th year of service in 2022. The Hamilton Brooke borne initiative has been enjoying massive engagement for a quarter of a century, in both Guernsey and Jersey.

The success of Tennerfest is due to a number of factors. Predominantly, the synergy between the network of restaurant’s, third party service providers and the management team at Hamilton Brooke who tie it all together. But also the eye-catching design, management of comms and marketing of offers included in each promotion.

Tennerfest is a giant comms opportunity for restaurants, hotels and cafés. The publication is door-dropped to every house in Guernsey and Jersey – with online and digital marketing support that guarantees offers land on porches, welcome mats, news feeds and inboxes.

Hamilton Brooke coordinate, design, manage and engineer all elements of Tennerfest ensuring your business gets seen, heard and tasted!