Guernsey Ports

Advertising & Print / Digital / PR & Events

Hamilton Brooke embraced a partner-first approach while working with Guernsey Ports to develop comprehensive internal and external marketing and communication plans. The collaboration began with an extensive audit of the organisation’s past social media and marketing efforts. By understanding the existing landscape, Hamilton Brooke aimed to create a cohesive and impactful set of communication strategies.

A key aspect of the project involved establishing a distinctive tone of voice for all Guernsey Ports entities. This entailed crafting a consistent and engaging messaging framework that would resonate with the target audience. By defining the appropriate tone, Hamilton Brooke set the stage for effective communication across various platforms and jurisdictions.

The development of a robust social media and public relations plan was a crucial element of the project. Hamilton Brooke curated compelling content tailored for press releases and news outlets. Additionally, we devised a strategic event-planning approach to generate excitement and interest among the target audience. We also deployed our in-house production team to capture documentary-style animations, providing an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of Guernsey Ports, fostering transparency, and building a sense of trust with stakeholders and the wider public.

Due to the diverse range of activities conducted by Guernsey Ports, a multi-stream output was essential. Hamilton Brooke recognised the need to deliver a steady flow of information to cover various aspects such as safety at sea, airport security, maintenance of Port assets, recruitment updates and travel notices to name a few.

By providing timely and relevant content, Hamilton Brooke ensures that Guernsey Ports maintains an informed and engaged audience.

The agency’s strategic approach, encompassing social media management, public relations, event planning, engaging content creation, as well as provision for internal communications, has brought a new level of visibility and understanding to the operations of Guernsey Ports. Positioning them as the ‘gateway’ to the island.

By nurturing a strong partnership with Guernsey Ports and understanding their unique requirements, Hamilton Brooke continues to successfully evolve a comprehensive communication plan that amplifies Guernsey Ports key messages and enhances their brand reputation.

Guernsey Ports continues to be a dynamic and engaging client that effectively conveys their commitment to safety, efficiency, and excellence in all aspects of their operations.