Same team, different desks!

It’s been just under a week since our little island went into lockdown, we hope you’re all home, safe and well.

Thanks to all of the essential workers out there, we can all work from home and are keeping busy planning ahead and ensuring that our clients’ businesses have a bright future.

Don’t let the empty chairs fool you! It’s business as usual, we’re all working hard and here to help.

Stay safe, stay home but let’s keep business moving #GuernseyTogether

Efrem is all setup and working from home. He says: “Haven’t fired up this baby in 31 years. The 2mb hard drive doesn’t work, but anyone needing an 80’s design that will fit on and 800k floppy, please get in touch!”

June is set up in the spare room. It may not be finished but it does come with a large, state of the art foot-warmer.

Chris has managed to squeeze into the loft. He says: “It was the only space left. Wife’s taken over the lounge. Daughter’s in the dining room. Two sons working from their bedrooms. Good job we don’t have a dog. I’d be in the shed!”

Ollie finds himself surrounded and kept company by a collection of music boxes and noise making machines should melodic inspiration strike.

Sophie’s workstation is unusually tidy and clear of biscuits but she does have gorgeous baby Harry to keep her company.

A Wacom tablet and Canon’s back catalogue of cameras are just a few of the tools at Elliot’s disposal. £10 for anyone who can decipher the cryptic Post-it Note codes.

Bob’s clean, modest and simple setup allows him to efficiently oversee operations in Latvia! The phone police have contacted Bob though and asked for their 90’s mobile device back.