Bruce Russell & Son

Advertising & Print / Digital / PR & Events

Bruce Russell, Guernsey’s premier artisan jewellers and silversmiths, with a rich heritage dating back to 1887, sought to enhance their online presence and establish an e-commerce platform.

As fifth-generation craftsmen, Bruce and Simon Russell are highly respected for their expertise in creating exquisite gold and silver jewellery, including traditional Guernsey silverware. Their portfolio boasts a remarkable array of bespoke pieces crafted for esteemed clients such as the British Royal Family, the Vatican, and numerous celebrities.

Recognising the need to adapt to the digital landscape, Bruce Russell approached Hamilton Brooke, to collaborate on building a new website. The opportunity to work with Guernsey’s most established jewellers ignited excitement within the Hamilton Brooke team. They envisioned a digital platform that would mirror the grandeur and elegance of Bruce Russell’s workshop and showroom, nestled within historic stone buildings constructed in 1582 and surrounded by breathtaking award-winning grounds and a nature reserve.

Leveraging cutting-edge website development tools, the Hamilton Brooke team embarked on creating an e-commerce platform to showcase one of Guernsey’s cherished and time-honoured brands. This endeavour marked a significant milestone for the Bruce Russell business, as it represented their first foray into the world of online sales and retail.

The new website aimed to captivate visitors with its stunning design, seamlessly guiding them through a captivating user journey. By harmonising the digital experience with the physical ambiance of the workshop, the website sought to evoke the same sense of familiarity and artistry. Through meticulous attention to detail, the Hamilton Brooke team ensured that the website would be a befitting online representation of Bruce Russell’s expertise and reputation.

With the e-commerce platform in place, customers could now explore and purchase a diverse range of Bruce Russell’s jewellery and silverware collections from the comfort of their own homes. The online presence not only expanded the reach of the brand beyond Guernsey’s shores but also provided a convenient and accessible shopping experience for customers worldwide.

A suite of social media and print assets was also developed. Primarily to raise awareness of the newly developed website and drive traffic to the platform. Supporting assets were engineered to drive sales and promote products, special offers and bespoke pieces. All in all, the Bruce Russell brand was catapulted into the digital realm, supported by modern and traditional messaging formats.

By collaborating with Hamilton Brooke to establish their online presence, Bruce Russell embarked on a transformative journey, embracing the digital realm while upholding their longstanding tradition of excellence. The revitalised website allowed them to share their remarkable craftsmanship and passion for jewellery with a broader audience, ensuring the continuation of their legacy for generations to come.