Why is website maintenance important?

Whether your business is large or small, website maintenance is very important.

In this modern age of tech, where people spend a large amount of time on the internet, and from which many people use as their trading platform, unfortunately, there are malicious beings out there, on the lookout for an easy target!

By maintaining and updating your content and software and creating a backup schedule, you will reduce the risk of malware, viruses and hackers.

The costs involved in this maintenance process are an important investment that can even attract more visitor traffic, potentially turning them into customers, so it really is a ‘win win’ plan of action.

So what are the benefits of website maintenance?

Increase your presence

Search engines such as Google always favour sites that are rich in content, after all, who is interested in a webpage as barren as the Namib Desert?…

Why not update your website with regular press releases and articles, or maybe sponsorship events and new members to the team? Not only will this help you to ‘own’ the web, but it will also add value for your visitors. We all like to see the faces behind the business operation.

Save Money

We are all guilty of ignoring small problems and glitches, in the hope that they go away, but in the same way that you may ignore the oil refill warning light, on your car, your website too will eventually grind to a halt, if not properly maintained.

Not very cost effective, right? Especially when you consider the detriment and costs that the downtime of your site, could have on your business.

With regular maintenance and checks, this can all be avoided. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Increase your credibility

In other words, stand out from the crowd. Whenever you receive any positive reviews and feedback from your clients, shout about it! By updating your website with regular, positive feedback and reviews, not only will this improve your credibility, but it may also boost your online enquiries and in turn, sales. If visitors are getting desirable and complete information from your site, you are more likely to get their custom, in return.

Keep your clients updated

We all like to be kept ‘in the know’, especially as a client, investing money into a company. If you plan on making any changes to your business, share the news! Visitors will appreciate this, and more often than not, will want to be a part of the action.

Here at Hamilton Brooke, we understand that all of this maintenance can take up your time, and effort, and understandably, you have to dedicate that time to your business. We can help you with this. We know what is required to ward off potential hackers and malicious malware. Whether it be website construction or custom maintenance plans, we’ve got your back.

To find out more, contact us today.